Download or watch your story saver, photos, videos, IGTV from the insta saver tool.

If you want to download Instagram stories, videos, and snapshots, then this article is definitely for you. Usually, we encounter so much personal data on the Internet every day. Scrolling through these personal data, you may find that some exciting things can be shared and saved with others. Therefore, it is not always possible to download and save Instagram snapshots and videos. After all, it is not always safe to do so.

Some might say that the Internet is based on anonymity. It paved the way for a place dominated by free speech. But after years of understanding who is spying on everything we do on the Internet, there is little privacy protection on the Internet. This is not only a government spying activity; it is also related to the large companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft collect to deliver targeted ads. (Not to mention the amount of personal data stolen in all breaches and hacking attacks.

To solve privacy concerns, some websites offer tools anonymous like instagram photo downloader, insta save video, download instagram tv videos, instagram story saver, instagram profile picture viewer, download private post instagragram, and instagram highlights download for you to download. One of the easy-to-use websites is

Why use an anonymous Viewer or insta downloader for Instagram?

Suppose you have a list of users who have posted articles that you cannot wait to see. Now, you do not have to create a fake account. This web service allows you to quickly and anonymously access all Instagram content in public accounts without revealing your identity. You can see the stories of the people who blocked you on Instagram. You will not see it in the viewer list because you did not enter the details to access the story.


SaveGramer is a powerful online tool for downloading and saving Instagram stories. Our web applications are available on all devices, so you can enjoy the same experience of browsing the website on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone. All video processing is done on the server, so you do not need to install any software. You will remain anonymous when viewing or downloading Instagram Stories. We hope you like and find it useful to use this free insta saver service.

How to use the viewer?

Get the required content in 3 simple steps.

  • Open the stories viewer through a browser and Insert the username in the tool input eld.
  • Hit the "Search" button.
  • Enjoy the current Stories anonymously and unlimitedly, or save them from browsing later a device.

Where to find Instagram story saver files?

  • Open your gallery on the mobile phone, and you will see the Stories.
  • Open "Downloads" on your pc to browse saved Stories there.
  • Enjoy Stories watching without any limits.

The Benefits for Instagram photo downloader usage

Anonymous view

The Instagram platform doesn't provide features such as anonymous browsing of Instagram stories. This means that you have no chance to look through a person's Stories and go unnoticed. The Instagram profile can easily see the identity of the profile seen their story if you want to view or save Instagram stories of a specific account but want to remain unnoticed. Instagram Story Viewer allows you to view Ig Story anonymously.

Free of charge

Are you interested in what you see? Do you want to save Instagram stories for yourself and get a better time for free? Then you are at the right place! You can now watch Instagram stories anonymously and save them to your device.
Note: You don't hold the right to use stories saved by other owners for your commercial purposes. Instagram Stories user accounts or usernames have copyright restrictions. Therefore, when posting other people's stories on Instagram, be sure to refer to or link to the original creator.

The method of Instagram story saver is legal.

You don't have to worry if it violates the law or not. But you need insta save tool Here we go; however, remember copyright law when using Instagram story saver.

No fake accounts

There is no necessity to create another Instagram account to download Instagram photos and view Insta Stories as people start viewing or saving stories anonymously using fake accounts or fake accounts. Now you can only have your real profile, and you can easily browse the story.

Browse stories without an IG account

If, for any reason, you choose to delete your personal IG account but still want to follow someone's story, that's fine. Instagram photo downloader tool allows you to anonymously view the stories of friends, competitors, and ex-boyfriends/girlfriends

Inspire and analyze competitor's content from the insta downloader tool

Monitor your competitor's story to keep it up to date and get inspiration from your competitor's information to improve your business strategy further. This is an extraordinary opportunity to develop the brand successfully. Feel free to monitor the results of your competitors and use any information that can help you improve your product.

Important points to note before using save instagram

  • You can download stories, download highlights, instagram post download, and you can use the "insta dp story" tool to download your avatars, and live streams from your public Instagram profile.
  • works like any other website on an updated browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet (Android or iPhone).
  • If the wanted person's account is not private, you can download the story from there.
  • The use of this website is entirely free of charge. Registration is not required.
  • It is recommended that you only download news articles for reference. We don't recommend reusing someone else's story, as the author has the right to download the material.
  • You can save Instagram video stories in MP4 format, and photo stories are downloaded in JPEG.


You can watch video stories anonymously online on our website. Also, you can download the story and watch it in the updated video player or directly in the browser (drag and drop the accompanying video into the browser).

Therefore, is a free Instagram photo downloader, which also has the advantage of anonymous tags. One thing everyone should remember is that downloading content is useful unless it hurts or threatens someone. We respect the privacy of others and must not download incorrect or personal content to infringe or stalk the lives of others.