How to download your Instagram pic download anonymously?

Have you seen a photo you love on Instagram? But don't you know how Instagram images download anonymously? If so, then you have come to the right place. When we have seen photos on Instagram, sometimes we would like to share them with our friends a few times. But unfortunately, it is not possible to download it and save Instagram the photo. After all, it'll be cool to do it

Many people share data on this platform Instagram that can be interesting enough to save Instagram photos on your phone. But over the years we have found that the government is monitoring us through what we share on social networks and even big companies are monitoring our data.

Why does Instagram post download anonymously without creating an account?


When you use Instagram photo downloader anonymously you can view and save Instagram photos and videos of people without them knowing. All you need is a link from the person's post and nothing else.

Which site do you recommend to download Instagram photos anonymously?


There aren't many sites that offer a complete package for Instagram. For this, I briefly advise you to use a full site for Instagram pic download anonymously. When you use a full site, you can Insta story download using the story saver tool, there are many other tools like Instagram profile picture viewer where you can Instagram profile picture download and there are many more.

You have a lot of choices, but you can use SaveGramer, it's safe and secure, you have nothing to worry about it won't sell your data.



SaveGramer is a simple and super easy-to-use site. When you arrive on the site you will immediately understand it, you will see all the tools available to use Instagram. Plus, if you want to support the site you just have to share it is pretty simple.

What is the point of using a website instead of an app to save Instagram photos?


There are a lot of factors that make it difficult to use a tool like Insta downloader on a website instead of a mobile app.

Simple and Fast

When you are using a website, you will just open your browser and insert the name and nothing else. So when you use an App you go to Playstore and look for an App that will help you Instagram post download you want. It will take you a while to install it and wait for it to open. It is not advising to use the App, it is more advising to use a website.

No need to install any App

You don't need to use an app to use the ig photo downloader tool you just need to use a site like SaveGramer. You will just have to write it in the search engine or type it in the browser.

Slow down your phone

The speed of your phone is the most important thing that you should think about before installing an app to use the storysaver tool for Instagram. Because if your phone is slow, you will spend a quarter of an hour. So, it is first necessary to avoid installing too many Apps that are not too important.


You can use the Insta saver tool on the site anywhere on any brand of phone. You do not need an IG account to use SaveGramer. Nor to install any App. And you are just going to thank the site by sharing the site.