You can see a list of options like story saver or insta saver to save instagram your photo.

Use insta save on a website with a link from a mobile app

If you want to know why you should use a website instead of an app on your phone to insta saver from now on this article is definitely for you. There is a lot of data that travels on the internet when we share it or post it with others. It becomes a daily activity in our life. But when we try to Instagram image download on this network it is not possible.

The social networks Instagram has prohibited the Instagram post download access of other users to guarantee the privacy of its users on its platform. This is where the site comes in, meanwhile, it offers a range of options to do so.

When you want to anonymously watch and download an image, a video, a story of someone on Instagram, think about using insta save on a website instead of an app, I explain all in the following points:

Why should you anonymously use insta downloader for Instagram users on a website?


Faster and easier

Imagine you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that you wanted to spy on or see the ones he or she posts every day on his or her Instagram story saver or you wanted to see his Instagram post download on your phone, but you don't know what you are should do to get it, then you just have to go to the SaveGramer site

Save your phone memory

Suppose you are using a low-end phone, that is to say, that doesn't have enough space to install an app that has a tool like insta downloader to save Instagram photos, videos, stories, highlights, profile photo, private photo anonymously for Instagram user you wanted, this will make your phone impossible to function.

Slow down your phone speed

Too many applications on your phone could prevent your mobile from working properly, just to save Instagram photos, videos, stories, highlights. It is more advisable to use a preferable website.

Which website do you recommend to insta save video anonymously on Instagram?

So far, I use SaveGramer, why?

Because it offers a range of all the tools that exist on Instagram:

download Instagram photos or video

It's a tool that you were going to find in the first place on the site, in this tool you can Instagram pic download, you just have to enter the link of the photo and after it will display the profile of the user with his info, that's not only that you can do you can also insta save video the video you want on Instagram anonymously.

Use storysaver people anonymously

It's a very powerful tool for the Instagram status download of any person you want on Instagram. To use it on the SaveGramer site click here.

Use insta dp viewer of the users I want

To watch any Instagram users' photo on SaveGramer, just go to "Download Profile photo" and then you just have to add the Instagram dp viewer link of the person you wanted to spy on their profile.

Watch any Instagram highlight cover photo on Instagram

For that you should go directly to the site in the fifth option and choose "Download Instagram Highlights" this will take you directly to the download Instagram highlights page to download your Instagram highlights photo download.

Watch and Instagram photo downloader latest anonymously on

This section is extra-ordinary, you don't need an ig photo downloader link on, you just need the username of the user, for that you just have to click here "DOWNLOAD HIGHLIGHTS"

Watch and igtv downloader anonymously on

For that, it is simple to do it you need to go to the site and go to the download igtv section then go to the download igtv video page, and now you just have to add the link of the video and nothing else. If that doesn't work, you can go to Instagram image download, because you can igtv video download from both of them.

Why shouldn't you use a mobile app to download Instagram photos?


The use of the mobile application in our cellphone becomes daily essential in our daily life, all that we do we must use an app to do it but in our case us when we use a mobile app to save Instagram photos we would be a bit limited to do the ones we wanted to do.


Availability is a very crucial thing for some users, so choosing between a site and an app is very important, as the app might only be available on playstore or app store. When you would like to use an app and then by changing your operating system, this app is no longer available on your new operating system.


Too many apps installed on your mobile can lead to a bad experience with your phone. You should avoid at all costs installing apps that are not necessary. In our case, I don't think it's necessary to install this kind of Instagram download stories app.

Weaknesses and Strengths between a site and an app when using the insta saver tool.


The strengths and weaknesses will help you choose between a site and an app that uses the insta save video tool the best. We will start with the weak points of a site:

Weak points of a site that uses the insta downloader tool

Regarding the weak points of a site for a person who uses a tool like insta dp story for your stories, I want to tell you that there are no weak points at the site level and also it is more preferable to use it

Strengths of a site that uses the insta downloader tool

For the strengths of the site, it's easier to use it and get your photos, stories, highlights ... and it's simpler. You just have to type SaveGramer in the Google search engine and you get it

Weak points of an app that uses Instagram highlights download

Using an app might be more preferable to the site if the app is available everywhere. The app you are using might not be available if you are using a new operating system

Strengths of an app that uses Instagram highlights download

When you use an app, let me tell you it's nicer and faster, you just need to open the app and insert the download Instagram photos link you need and that's it. I recommend it if you are thinking of staying on a single operating system.


We have seen quite a bit about the choice you should make there between a site and an app to download Instagram photos anonymously of the person you need. Let me tell you one thing, there are over 80% of people use an Instagram story saver site. So, I think it's more advisable to use a site instead of an app.