What to do to insta save your stories anonymously?

Over the years everyone likes to share something on their story because the story is the most effective way to express yourself. So if you want to know everything about the Instagram story download online, this article is now for you.

After the appearance of the story on all social networks, the story has become global and the most effective way to talk with your friends or fans. It is used everywhere either for a brand or to sell your product.

Where does the story come from?


Actually yes, Instagram is not the origin of the creation of the story, it was created by Snapchat. And then it was "democratized" by Instagram.
Afterward, other social networks have developed it on their platform like Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...

The importance of stories

It has grown on mobile-first with over 3.75 billion social media users out of 5.19 billion people who use smartphones. With the UGC trend, everyone becomes a content creator and also user experience becomes beautiful and simple.

It's a new way to share your brand or product and to consume information. However, the story has a duration of 24 hours after it will be deleted automatically.

Why download stories on Instagram anonymously?

Nowadays, when someone is looking at your Instagram story, you can easily see it, whether they are looking at it or not. But when you want to spy on someone or your girlfriend that's another thing. You won't need to create a fake account or use another person's account to monitor the person or your girlfriend. You will only have to have in mind the Instagram username of the person or your girlfriend that you want to view their story anonymously.

How to story saver Instagram anonymously on a site?


There are quite a few sites that offer this kind of service, but I advise you to use a site that gives you all the tools like download Instagram photos or Instagram profile picture viewer... On the other hand, you can use a site that I am used to using. Its name is SaveGramer. It is very simple and very fluid to use, you will easily understand it.



SaveGramer is a site that mainly specializes in this area, it provides a very simple tool for Instagram story download. It offers 5 tools for Instagram, after the story you can Instagram highlights download from users and also Instagram pic download from people anonymously.

How does Instagram story download online anonymously on SaveGramer?


It's quite a simple Instagram story saver from the person on SaveGramer.

  • You just have to go to the site.
  • You will choose the DOWNLOAD STORIES tool
  • You just have to enter the Instagram username of the person

What are the advantages that you would have when your Instagram status download on SaveGramer?


Download stories Instagram anonymously

The Instagram platform doesn't give this option to insta story anonymously download someone's story without the person not knowing. You can only see the person's story on Instagram. Whereas, SaveGramer gives you this tool for free that you can use indiscretion without anyone knowing about it. You can watch and story saver Instagram. You will just need a simple username.

No user fees

You won't need to pay to save Instagram stories, it's completely free on the SaveGramer site. You will just need the username of the Instagram user.
N.B: SaveGramer is 100% free.

No need to create an IG account

You won't need any Instagram account to use it, you will just need the SaveGramer site and the Instagram username of the person you want to spy on.

Influence and study the content of your competitors using the insta story saver tool

You should always know how your competitor is functioning to see what you are missing or what you should add to it. It's a great way to grow your business and gain a lot of customers. So it's free to use it in SaveGramer to spy and see your competitor's results.


You can use the insta saver tool for your Instagram media for free. You just need a site that will allow you to insta save your Instagram stories and your competitor's username, on the other hand, the site is worthy of doing this job, it provides a wide range of Instagram tools. Not to mention you can also use it to see the results of your competitors.